Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve written a news post for Layers. My life has been crazy busy (thanks to myself) and I haven’t had a lot of motivation to get anything done. We have constantly had hardware issues but we’re finally in a position where we have a stable backend to run everything off.


My inability to push out a final product is only my fault. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and the entire staff team is really motivated and inspired to get stuff out there. We are really looking forward to releasing the public survival server as soon as that’s ready. It would have been ready earlier but we have decided to run off 1.12 instead of 1.8, which limits who can join but will make for a much better survival experience for everyone who can join.


Anyway – to LVC!


The Layers Vanilla Community (LVC) is a vanilla 1.12 survival mode server with an application process to join. We have very few rules for the server, we want it to be very laid back. Basically, the rules are no griefing or stealing, and respect all other players. I intend to create a forum for LVC players which will list the rules. If you break either of these rules intentionally, we will give you a warning. If you fail to take the warning and you continue to break the rules, you will be unwhitelisted.


We only have 5 plugins installed and they only effect visual things (Chat formatting, custom join messages, etc), this is just to add to the experience and create some continuity within our networks.


You can apply for whitelist at this link. Your application will be reviewed by a member of LT and we will ask other whitelisted members if they can vouch for you. Once accepted, you will be given access to the LVC subforums and LVC channel on our Discord.


Looking forward to seeing you ingame, and even more excited about pushing out the public server :)



Isaac and the Layers management team