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LayersMC is a PVP based network featuring KitPVP and Factions. We have global communication within the network so everyone can feel connected. We are currently actively looking for staff.

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Layers Revival

JotsDev posted Dec 3, 16

Dear Players,

What has been seen and said can be un-done, however that is only part of our history!  As we have all seen, Layers has lost all of its players, files, and really, motivation for the future.  What we see as players, is just another dying server, but what we see as content creators is just another bump in the road.  Sometimes bumps are a little bigger than we think, and sometimes we need to figure out whats wrong before we move forward.  Along with that, sometimes it can take a real long time to figure that out.  

Have we figured it out?

The truth is, until we see reults we have no clue.  Thats where all of you come in!  We are looking for your help to provide us with exactly what you guys want.  We are working on putting together a clean, well functioning factions server, and we need your suggestions for things such as: plugins, chat styles, spawn types, and really anything else youd want to see.  As much as we would love any type of suggestion we do ask that if you do plan on submitting something that you take a little time to explain your stance behind it and why youd like to see it progress.  We ask this so we can give the best possible rendition, so that we can keep all of you as players.

Lastly, id like to touch on the fact that im the one thats writing this!  IM BACK!!!!  This might or might not excite some people, however I announce this because it is my goal, not to grow big or make a lot of money, but rather to make a server that people genuinly like.  With your help I will personally do my best to see that this succeeds.  


JotsDev and the Layers Team

Sorry, again.

Isaac posted Oct 12, 16

Hey there to the few of you who still bother to check the site.

I sincerely apologize. Layers was a failure. I made bad decisions and ended up getting what I had coming.

I have no excuse. I’ve been avoiding doing the work for Layers for weeks. I’ve been spending much more time away from my online world lately, and when I am on I tend to be working or catching up with interstate friends. I am not a good server owner, that’s just a fact. I find it very challenging to set myself deadlines because I always feel like I can push the boundaries and avoid them. I have been out of Minecraft for years now, still keeping up with the community and of course my work revolves around it, but I haven’t actually played in quite a long time, so I have not really known where the market is at. I hate where Minecraft has gone, mini-games are just not very fun for me, and I feel like the community feel has been lost with massive servers like Mineplex and Hypixel have got so many concurrent players that you can’t get to know a lot of people like you used to. Servers aren’t made for fun anymore; they are made for money. I can totally understand why, and respect the people who do it, but it is not what I wanted to do, I wanted to create a family.

I know that I make things sound a bit dramatic sometimes, so all I am saying is this; I’m sorry, and I’m going to fix it. I just need you guys to actually enjoy what I do with it. If I get enough money to cover the basic costs then that’s great, but I intend to keep it going till everyone tells me the time is now, and I’ll close the server.

I actually need a co-owner, doing the network with Jots made it really easy because we shared the responsibility, financially and time-wise. If I can find someone who is capable and easy to work with, then I will get them on board to help me.

My plan has been to bring the network back to life with some new gamemodes, and I plan to continue to do that, and there’s a large amount of setup done, I just need to dedicate some more time to doing configuration and get this community back up and running.

Thanks for reading,
Isaac, Layers Network.

Fall Season Update!

Tuti_ posted Aug 24, 16

Hey there, fellow players! Its been almost two weeks since our official release, and we've been hard at work fixing bugs and finalizing our first update: the Fall Season Update! This new update will include a host of changes as well as the start of our first season! The update includes the following changes:

- Fixed TNT/raiding bug

- Fixed spawn hunger bug

- Lottery initial pot raised to $100

- Max tickets per lottery raised to 5

- Updated the Refer-a-Friend thread with new rewards

- Removed Votifier and a few other plugins. We will be replacing Votifier with our Refer-a-Friend system with new oppurtunities for rewards being added frequently!

Also, just a reminder: if you have made any referrals or public advertisements, please either post on the thread or message me in-game or on the forums. You will NOT recieve your points if you do not let me know of any referrals or public advertisements you have made.

The Fall Season will officially begin on Friday, August 26th at 7:00 PM EST. A thread detailing your oppurtunities at end of season rewards will be up soon.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you on Friday!

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